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Portable Light Tower for Rescue & Emergency Conditions

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    Light towers are crucial during any night rescue or night time operation. For any night rescue job, you need a bright portable light that can provide your maximum brightness. The high intensity, vehicle-mounted telescoping light tower offers maximum illumination to complete night time operations, any rescue, investigation or disaster. A LED light tower can illuminate more than multiple pole towers. Basically, it is mounted internally from the vehicle which extends from the roof or it’s directly mounted to the roof of the apparatus.


How does a light tower look like?

A light tower is a mobile equipment used to light up a place where there is no natural or artificial light is available. The light tower is composed of three parts, the luminaires, pole and generator. The luminaires are mounted to the trailer. The tower can extend to up to 30 feet in the air. Generally, 200,000 to 1,000,000 lumens of lights are the common configuration you can get out of it.

Problems faced during a night rescue

Here are few of the major problems faced during a night rescue:

1. Insufficient lighting

During any natural disaster such as earthquake, hurricanes, flood, or fire, the electricity goes off. Rescue operation men are unable to see the area thoroughly at night.

2. People stuck in corners

There are many people who get stuck under hips of fallen objects, especially in car accidents. It’s hard to find them out.

How mobile light tower helps in different types of rescue operation?

portable-rescue-light-tower-for-earthquake-hurricane-flood-tsunamiBasically, light towers are mostly used in locations with adverse weather conditions and difficult environment. So, these are normally high on resistance and durable. These are quite user friendly and can be moved from one place to another without much difficulties. The light equipment has varied applications in many different sectors like construction, oil refinery, transportation among many others.

Mobile light towers are very versatile and are the best equipment used for any rescue operation. May it be a disaster or a medical camp rescue operation; you can take the vehicle to the desired location.

During any disaster or an emergency, electricity is mostly not available. The portable tower light can be taken to the desired location and the LED flood light provide bright illumination for the large area. We use flood lights because it effectively eliminates the shadow. The generator set provides continuous power supply as it has sufficient fuel-backup. As most of the best tower lighting system can rotate 360°, the user can rotate it to every corner of the area during a rescue operation. This helps to maintain accuracy during a rescue operation. People who are stuck under hips of bricks in earthquake or are stuck in any corner of the location can be easily located with the help of the 360° mobile light towers. Also, these lights come with handheld remote control or panel mount remote control system to provide flexibility during an operation.

Important features of the mobile light tower

There are certain specifications that you need to check before buying a mobile light tower:

  • High brightness to provide day light effect in disaster scene

  • Minimum 30 feet long in the air so as to cover a vast area and not create any shadow

  • 360° rotating capability to provide light in the corners of the location

  • Easy installation and long back-up system

  • Can be fixed internally inside the vehicle. Some lights even have wheels attached to it to and can be moved to the location without the need of any vehicle

  • Portable so that it can go for any rescue operation

  • The one on wheels needs to be lightweight so that they can be moved easily to any location

What are the benefits of a portable light tower?

Most light towers you see in the market have wheels whereas some can be attached to vehicles. Portable light towers mainly have these 3 chief benefits:

1. Easy installation and transport

LED-mobile-light-tower-for-emergencyPortable lighting towers acne be brought to any site. These light towers can bring light in a certain area within very less time. These lights are very easy to install or set-up in a location and they can provide light to almost every direction out there. Also, these lights can illuminate an area of 8 acres of land. As they are installed inside a vehicle or some of them themselves comes with wheels they can be moved to any place and at any time.

2. Bright lighting

Using the same amount of energy, a portable lighting tower can generate more light than a fixed light tower. In the past, the traditional portable light tower takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach full intensity because of the warm up time required for metal halide lights. Nevertheless, with the use of LED lighting, we can have instant full brightness, which helps the rescuer to find the wounded immediately when they arrive at the scene. Every second counts when it comes to lifesaving.

3. Elimination of dark spot

Fixed light often creates an area where nothing can be seen. It creates a shadow. Whereas portable light towers do not create any shadow and illuminate every corner of the area.

4. No need for separate generator

These light towers can provide power. You do not need to carry another generator along with portable light towers. The lights itself have inbuilt generator system. So, it runs for a long period of time. Portable light towers consume less fuel compared to other lighting systems. It needs only 4 liters of fuel to run for about 2 hours. On an overall basis if you see these are much convenient and less expensive than other lighting systems.

Final thoughts

There are a several brands selling portable tower lights. So, if you are planning to buy one, check out the specifications that are mentioned above before buying any light to get the maximum benefits out of it.

If you would like to get the price quote of our emergency light tower, please feel free to fill in our form.

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